Exploring Magnetic Island

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Magnetic Island has many pleasures to explore for those who enjoy nature with many bays and secluded beaches (one of them is a popular naturist beach), a number of old wrecks and massive national park and many kilometres of hiking trails.

The island also offers two snorkelling trails; one in Nelly Bay (next to Base magnetic) and the other in Geoffrey Bay – make sure to see the 6 giant clams along the Geoffrey Bay trail. See if you can find the recently discovered WWII propeller.

For those who have an interest in history, the recently upgraded Forts Walk takes you past the WWII military village, of which only the foundations are left. Go on to explore the munition bunker and then proceed up to the two gun battlements and observation towers.

More information regarding the Magnetic Battery can be found by visiting the Wiki page for it.

Having investigated the gun placements, proceed up to the two Observation towers from where you have a magnificent view of Horseshoe Bay, Radical Bay, Florence Bay, Balding Bay and Arthur Bay.

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