CStay has partnered with Fish’n N Fuel’n to offer you bicycle hire right here in Picnic Bay! Cycling helmets are supplied free of charge, as well as a padlock to secure the bicycle when you go walking. Special rates are available for checked-in guests – click here to see these.A CStay Hire Bicycle

West Point is now within an easy 15 minute cycle trip.

Don’t walk the 8 km or hire a 4×4 for the trip, do the healthy thing and hire a bike! (Unless of course, you want to!) – you can travel across the island from Westpoint to Horseshoe Bay with your hire bicycle.

Hire bicycles are maintained and serviced by trained technicians on a regular basis.

CStay have to ensure that guests comply with the owner of these bicycles and the pre-filled paperwork is simple to complete.

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